I have a small business network:

  • Hyper V Host (2012R2)
  • VM-Active Directory (2012R2)
  • VM -application, print, etc server (2012R2)
  • Several client pcs, some on domain, some not, all running Windows 7 or later.
  • Router / modem for internet and pstn phones

I am looking at moving to hosting our own Odoo (openERP) server on Ubuntu as another VM. Odoo has a e-commerce / shopfront website that customers can access built in (although actual payment I believe is handled through paypal etc). I am not opposed to hosting it on Amazon EC2, but I would prefer to host it locally.

I would like to know (or be pointed to resources)

  • by having that odoo shopfront port open to the internet, am I inviting security issues? Would hosting Odoo on that hyperV server be compromising the rest of the network?

If no..

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