When attempting to mount Virtual Media on a iDRAC6 IP KVM session I get the following error:

The Virtual Media program will close. Reason: The Virtual Media native library cannot be loaded.

I'm using Ubuntu 9.04 and:

$ javaws -version Java(TM) Web Start 1.6.0_16

$ uname -a Linux aud22419-linux 2.6.28-15-generic #51-Ubuntu SMP Mon Aug 31 13:39:06 UTC 2009 x86_64 GNU/Linux

$ firefox -version Mozilla Firefox 3.0.14, Copyright (c) 1998 - 2009 mozilla.org

On Windows + IE it (unsurprisingly) works.

I've just gotten off the phone with the Dell tech support and I was told it is known to work on Linux + Firefox, albeit Ubuntu is not supported (by Dell, that is).

Has anyone out there managed to mount virtual media in the same scenario?

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use a 32 bit jre. sun jre 1.6.0 update 16 worked fine for me, as did the 32bit openjdk.

Simply tell firefox to open the jnlp with the 32-bit javaws you install. You may need to run javaws /path/to/your/saved/jnlp to see if there are any 32 bit libraries missing as well. In my case it bitched that it couldn't find libXtst so I just did a yum -y install libXtst.i586 on Fedora 11 and I was working; obviously wiht Ubuntu commands will be a little different, but I'm more or less confident similar steps will get you working...


im seeing the same thing on an ibm server, and have seen posts for hp servers for the same; I have it working on a 32 bit linux system, but not on a 64-bit system. I rather suspect that a 32 bit library needs to be loaded. On Fedora (x86_64)/RHEL5(i386) here... i'll post back if I manage to figure out just what...


On Fedora 12 x86-64, you can use the following workaround. Remove the existing OpenJDK and install the i686 version:

 # yum remove java-1.6.0-openjdk-1:
 # yum install java-1.6.0-openjdk-

Unfortunately for me using 32bit java didn't help. But I found this one in iDRAC7_1.66.65_A00_ReleaseNotes.txt:

* Issue 53:
  On servers with RHEL 5.x operating system, after upgrading to Java 1.7.0, 
  attempting to launch the Java Virtual Media, Virtual Console, or Boot Capture 
  plug-in results in an “Unable to load Native Library” message, and the Virtual 
  Media is disabled. 
  This issue is caused by the Security Enhanced Linux(SELINUX) “allow_execmod” 
  policy being set to “off”, preventing the Virtual Media operation.

  set the 'allow_execmod'  policy to 'on' by running the following command:
  setsebool -P allow_execmod on

  Versions/Systems Affected
  All versions of iDRAC on 12th generation Dell PowerEdge Servers.

Thad didn't help me either, but maybe it will help somebody else.

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