I would like to know how you find out which php-scripts are starting apache2-processes, which are causing high load.

It seems that one user is infected with malware (php-shell). LMD (maldet/maldetect) does not find the file, but there are php-processes that cause a high CPU load from time to time.

Now I would like to know which file started the apache2-process.

With strace I do not get the filename or -path.

Any ideas?


maybe you find some clue with:

lsof | grep <PID>

(insert the PID of the suspicous process instead of )

This shows you which files/sockets that process has opened.


You may not be seeing the output you want because strace does not follow children/forks by default, try using strace -f -p $PID -e trace=open,close to filter open() and close() calls to any children or threads of that $PID (php-shell it sounds like). Here is a handy strace cheat sheet I like to use.

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