[How to change password in Google Developers Console?]

I know this should be a very stupid question related Google Developers Console, but I just wasted three hours in it and no luck in google search results.

This is the first time I enable Developers Console in GAE, it shows the bash shell by default after login. I want to config my preference shell environment zsh, after finishing cloning oh-my-zsh project to local, I run chsh command to switch to zsh, the sudo password is need for that.

The question is I don't know what the password is, I tried google account password and other frequency passwords, it failed.

Using passwd to change the password with my wrong pass shows the following error.

myname@mycloud:~$ passwd
Changing password for myname.
(current) UNIX password: 
passwd: Authentication token manipulation error
passwd: password unchanged

I verified my google account password with login to google, it's right.

Q1: What's the default password? Q2: Can't the console password be changed?



The user account for GCE instance or Cloud Shell has access to elevate the privileges using sudo. The password for the user accounts is not configured out of the box. You can change user account password without providing the current one by running the command:

$ sudo passwd $USER

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