I've a Windows Server 2012 R2 server which acts as Hyper-V host for multiplice Windows/Linux VMs. Since yesterday the server is offline from one second to another, and will reboot automatically. I found out that this is caused by a bluescreen:

enter image description here

Yesterday this happens three times:




I did a research and find out that this can maybe an issue with an driver, especially the network adapter, and the Large send offload setting. I had it activated, so I disabled it. After that the server runns stable up to now (near 24 hours). Just now the server crashed again.

So it seems like an software issue, but I can't find out what's causing the problem. I haven't install new software or driver in this month, which may be responsible for those problems. Only Windows Updates a few days ago.

All crashes seems the same issue because the bug check string, code and first parameter are the same. Also the driver is equal.

What can I do to find and fix the issue?


When everything is working great and then suddenly you obtain driver exceptions it is either 1) a driver update caused a problem, which is unlikely, or 2) you might consider that the hardware is failing. If a component is dying then drivers will start throwing exceptions. Do you have another server you can move the drives into? Alternatively, start switching out components, if possible.

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