Hello this is my first question and hope later I can help too.

My local domain network is mycompany.net also I host on godaddy the same domain www.mycompany.net, The problem that I have is when my local users when they type on the browser mycompany.net it goes to a local ip address of my storage unit and I don't want that... I would like to redirect when users type mycompany.net to my www.mycompany.net website on the outside. I was thinking on creating a lmhost or a CNAME but I would like some suggestions.. Thank you so much Jesse

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  • What is your storage unit – Jacob Evans Nov 17 '15 at 3:51

One of the many many many reasons you don't use the same domain internally.

If you can, create another site with the specific host example.com, and do a 301 redirect to www.

301 is cached so it won't always hit the server either.

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