I think this is easy but I am afraid I cannot solve this all by myself.

I have moved a website to another domain, and I've set up some permanent redirections. However, I'd like to preserve one URL from any rewrite. Right now my configuration is like this:

Redirect permanent /olduser/exception/ ???
Redirect permanent /olduser/dir/ http://newuser.domain.com/a.html
Redirect permanent /olduser/other/ http://newuser.domain.com/q.html
Redirect permanent /olduser/other/sub/ http://newuser.domain.com/t/some.html
Redirect permanent /olduser/ http://newuser.domain.com/

Of course the first line is problematic, since I am redirecting in the last line the whole subdirectory to the new domain. On the new domain I don't have privileges, as it is a static website similar to GitHub.

Note that I cannot simply use a rewrite rule, as the old directories don't correspond to new files/dirs. Or better, I cannot see how I can do this :)

How can I make the /olduser/exception/ work on the old server, without affecting the other rules?


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Simply like this:

RedirectMatch ^/olduser/(?!exception/).* http://newuser.domain.com/

Instead of:

Redirect permanent /olduser/ http://newuser.domain.com/

Will redirect all /olduser request exept pattern matching /olduser/exception/ to your new domain.

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