To test out thinly provisioned snapshots before applying them to a production system for backup purpose, I did the following:

lvcreate -L1G -T storage/thinpool
lvcreate -V10M -T storage/thinpool -n thinvol1
lvcreate -V10M -T storage/thinpool -n thinvol2
# [create ext4 fs on thinvol1, mount it, add some files]
lvcreate -s --name snap1 storage/thinvol1

All commands succeeded, but when lvdisplay storage/snap1 gives as status NOT available and \dev\storage\snap1 is not created by the device mapper: --- Logical volume --- LV Path /dev/storage/snap1 LV Name snap1 VG Name storage LV UUID csDP34-HlpY-Rd8x-yJgr-99PW-jHZu-T7wsUJ LV Write Access read/write LV Creation host, time localhost.localdomain, 2015-11-24 10:01:43 +0100 LV Pool name thinpool LV Thin origin name thinvol1 LV Status NOT available LV Size 12.00 MiB Current LE 3 Segments 1 Allocation inherit Read ahead sectors auto

lvchange -a y storage/snap1 made no difference either. Did I just miss a final step to make the snapshot accessible? Or what else could be the problem here?

OS: Fedora 22 (x64) Kernel: 4.2.6-200.fc22.x86_64 LVM2: 2.02.116


By default, thin snapshot are set as not available and with the "skip activation" bit set.

Try issuing lvchange -ay -Ky storage/snap1 and your thin snapshot should become available.

To permanently set off the "skip activation" flag, issue lvchange -kn storage/snap1

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