I have a Windows 2008R2 based domain controller also working as internal DNS server for my domain say "domain1.com".

I also have a working website www.domain2.com hosted elsewhere and accessible globally.

Now I am creating a test environment on my internal network where I am going to add a couple of subdomains, say sub1.domain2.com and sub2.domain2.com These subdomains/webpages are hosted internally (LAN).

I have created a new zone on my DNS server and added A records so that I can have both these sundomains mapped to respective internal IP addresses.

These subdomain DNS requests are working as expected. But now the problem is that my live website www.domain2.com is inaccessible from my internal network. My windows DNS server is unable to handle requests for it, though I have added an A record on my internal DNS server pointing to the public IP of website. Have I missed something here?




When you create the zone, create the subdomain and not the root domain.

So create 2 zones, sub1.domain2.com.

Delete domain2.com zone so your server stops answering nxdomain for www.domain2.com

I use this method to split-dns my premise exchange servers.


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Split Brain DNS, should be a good hint.

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