Not sure if this is a 100% serverfault compliant question, but here goes:

I need to choose the hardware for an embedded device I plan to develop and I'm looking for tips.

Ideally there'd be a comparison matrix website, or even just a comprehensive list. I can't find anything decent, so what do you guys use?

EDIT: General consensus is that I'm not being specific enough. What I want is:

  • a device small enough to wear comfortably,
  • that can run off batteries
  • that has at least two USB slots
  • and that can by programmed with a fairly standard language

Obviously these aren't hard ans fast rules, but would make things easier. Any suggestions would be hugely appreciated.

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I'm afraid it's too vague a question, the range of embedded devices is huge, and the hardware that makes sense depends on the application. I'd look at some of the magazine websites to get started: Embedded Systems Design, EDN, EETimes

And google embedded systems design to get pages like this one:

Embedded System Design (a textbook)

  • Sorry about the vagueness. I appreciate that the range is huge - that's kinda my problem. I didn't think Serverfault was an appropriate place to ask whether anyone knew of hardware which would meet my specific requirements - do you think I'd get any useful answers? – Tom Wright Oct 14 '09 at 10:50

The world of embedded systems covers so much territory that you can't possibly create a single comparison chart. Give some clues as to what you are doing and what sort of processing power you need, and perhaps a narrow range can be compared.

Embedded systems covers everything from tiny little 8 bit micros in the PIC and 8051 families all the way up to full-fledged PCs in industrial cases. Narrow the search parameters for us, and we'll help you pick something out.


this question brings to mind this company : LogicSupply


What do we use to do what? To put a blinking LED on a greeting card? Or to run Jurassic Park?

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