Normally in Windows, you can create a Virtual Hard Disk (VHD), see it in the Disk Management, right-click, and remove it:

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No problem.

Storage Spaces Hides Disks

I want to test the resiliency of Storage Spaces, and the ability to migrate them between servers. Once a disk has been added to a Storage Pool, it no longer appears in Disk Management. I need to surprise remove a VHD from the server, but there's no UI option to do it.

If i were using a physical disk, it would be trivial to disconnect the drive from the computer (thus ensuring that Storage Spaces doesn't expect it, and has no chance to rebalance beforehand):

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How to unplug a vhd?

But once a disk is added to a storage pool, there is no longer any UI options for that disk. I don't want to use the Storage Spaces UI to Remove a physical disk from the pool:

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  • storage spaces will migrate data from that disk onto other disks in the pool (defeating the point of a surprise removal)
  • storage spaces will migrate data from that disk onto other disks in the pool (defeating the point of the test of migrating disks to another server)

enter image description here

I need the surprise removal

In the same way i can unplug a physical hard disk, how do i unplug a virtual hard disk?

Microsoft has the exact PowerShell commandlet to disconnect a vhd:


Dismounts a virtual hard disk.

PS C:> Dismount-VHD –Path c:\test\testvhdx.vhdx

Unfortunately it doesn't work - for the same reason. The VHD is "gone", "invisible", absorbed into the Storage Pool, gone from any ability to interact with it:

PS C:\Windows\system32> Dismount-VHD –Path D:\VirtualMachines\StorageSpaceTest\StorageSpaceTest1.vhdx
Dismount-VHD : Windows cannot dismount the disk because it is not mounted.
At line:1 char:1
+ Dismount-VHD –Path D:\VirtualMachines\StorageSpaceTest\StorageSpaceTest1.vhdx
+ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    + CategoryInfo          : InvalidArgument: (Microsoft.Vhd.P...mountVhdCommand:DismountVhdCommand) [Dismount-VHD], VirtualizationOperationFailedException
    + FullyQualifiedErrorId : InvalidParameter,Microsoft.Vhd.PowerShell.DismountVhdCommand

It seems once a VHD has been added to a storage pool, it cannot be dismounted.

How do i dismount a VHD that has been added to a storage pool?

Bonus Chatter

The current VHDX files are sitting in D:\..., which itself is a Parity Space. I cannot simply turn off the PC and simply rename the files. Not only is turning off the server not a viable option right now, it defeats the point of the test: having Storage Spaces react while it is running

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