My Lotus Domino 9.0 server serves the application cache manifest as application/octet-stream, where the browser expects text/cache-manifest.

I only found examples how to add a MIME type to Apache and IIS. Do you know how to add a MIME type to Domino HTTP?


You need to add a 'File Identification' Document to the Domino Directory.

Goto the 'Web\File Identifications' folder and click 'Add File Indentification'.


MIME type: text MIME subtype: cache-manifest File extension: appcache

This would allow Domino to corretly process manifest files, using the recommended extension, such as 'offline.appcache'


The short answer is the httpd.cnf file in the domino data directory which can control various MIME mappings.

See https://stackoverflow.com/questions/27607140/control-mime-type-for-downloads-in-domino for a little more info with example.

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