I have installed MariaDB Galera Cluster on ubuntu 14 and it is working fine.

See the tutorial

I have 3 nodes (each 500GB HDD capacity) mariadb cluster and all replications are working perfect.

My questions are :

When I run out of disk space after few years, What is the exact way to increase the capacity of the database?

Is it possible to add extra nodes and increase the database HDD capacity? I heard about MaxScale, but I can't figure it out to work on

Can anyone explain this according to above configuration.

This is a MaxScale Simple Sharding with Two Servers

Thank You,


The nodes in a Galera cluster could have different hard disk capacity (as general rule the nodes can be different from each other). When you need to increase disk capacity you can put offline a node, upgrade the disk and then restart it. When the node with new disk is joined and synced with the cluster, you can upgrade another node and go on.

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