I've been running through the google cloud instructional to setup DNS on a custom website but I can't get it to work. Google cloud doco suggests posting on this forum so I'll outline what I've done and hopefully someone can assist, I haven't needed to expose a website before, hopefully I'm missing something simple.

Instructional I followed: https://cloud.google.com/compute/docs/tutorials/setting-up-dns

What I have done:

  • Google Cloud VM IIS website works on localhost (via RDP session)
  • Google Cloud website works by IP address from my desktop at home
  • Google cloud IP address has been made static
  • GoDaddy nameservers have been updated to point to google cloud
  • Google cloud - I have created a zone for my .com
  • Google cloud - I have 3 record sets under my zone
    -mydomain.com - NS (this was there by default)
    -mydomain.com - SOA (this was there by default)
    -www.mydomain.com - CNAME

What else do I need to do?


You need to add an A record in the Cloud DNS to point to your VM's IP address. You can have more information in this article.


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