I just switched from a dumb switch 10/100 to a smart switch HP 1920-24G-PoE, and noticing ports going up and down randomly. I can't see any obvious reasons why this is happening so am curious if anyone else sees something within the log (see paste bin link below). Difference from the dumb switch is I did set up a VLAN, and also, the other difference is that the smart switch supports gigabit (and POE) so not sure if this is a factor as well... Any ideas welcome.


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    Please edit the log into your question; external links can disappear, rendering your question useless for future visitors. – womble Dec 13 '15 at 2:33
  • Do you have anything plugged into those ports? There are a lot of LLDP discovery messages for the ports that are flapping. – joeqwerty Dec 13 '15 at 3:09
  • Several computers connected with their cisco or polycom phones – Thomas_P Dec 13 '15 at 4:37
  • At quick glance, it looks like port 10 is flapping badly. Have you tried a new patch cable? The LLDP discovery messages are normal. What is plugged into port 10? Please let us know what you have plugged into...say ports 6-11. Those are the most frequent ones. – Dacid Salin Oct 17 '18 at 0:24

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