I have a private HTTPS server using nginx. Therefore, I don't care about browser compatibility nor HTTP to HTTPS redirection; I just want it to work in my environment and nowhere else. I have already configured it with "listen 17648 ssl;". Whenever I try to connect to it using plain HTTP, I get the infamous "The plain HTTP request was sent to HTTPS port" response.

Is there any way to prevent nginx from sending any response at all when a HTTP request is sent to a HTTPS port? I would like nginx to simply close the connection if the request is not SSL, or maybe return some SSL-level error but no plain HTTP response at all, not even an error response.


From Nginx documentation about the return clause:

The non-standard code 444 closes a connection without sending a response header.

So I've tried to catch the error 497 "HTTP to HTTPS" and tried to return the 444 this way:

error_page 497 =444 @close;

location @close {
   return 444;

Unfortunately this leads to a "pending" state due to this bug

Using the workaround proposed by the developer it seems to work:

error_page 497 =444 @close;

location @close {
   return 0;

Try if this fits your needs!

  • Thanks. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to work in my case (nginx 1.6.2). curl -v shows that the server is still sending a reply with status code 444 and there are several headers, including the Server header. – user427569 Dec 15 '15 at 19:05

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