I have a Google Cloud server with Cloud DNS working for my domain and IIS hosted website.

I need email for my domain to be forwarded, i.e. for john@myCloudServerDomain.com to go to my existing account john@gmail.com.

I tried putting an MX record in as per https://cloud.google.com/dns/what-is-cloud-dns but my emails aren't coming through.

What's the best option to get email from my domain?:

  • Set Cloud DNS to forward emails
  • Set GoDaddy email up? (I bought the domain from them but the nameservers point to Google Cloud, I imagine this means I cannot use their email service..)
  • A better 'standard practice' option I haven't thought of?
  • Buy Google Apps? – Michael Hampton Dec 14 '15 at 4:17
  • @Michael Hampton, can you please elaborate how google apps would help me, does Google have a mail server I can quickly setup? I googled for 'Google Apps email' but of course this is a very generic term and comes up with Android apps, gmail etc. and nothing specific. – John Dec 14 '15 at 5:06

You will need a mail server. In the same way you use IIS as a web server, you need a mail server to accept mail on your behalf.

GoDaddy has mail plans:


Alternatively you could use Google Apps for Work (similar pricing):


Once you have set up a business email hosting account, you will need to update the MX records (and possibly other records) at Google Cloud DNS as per the email provider's instructions.


OK, thanks for the comments guys. I didn't want to setup a mail server and have that drama, nor did I want to pay for email.

I've solved this by setting GoDaddy's name servers back to point to GoDaddy, and setting my VM's static IP as the A record in GoDaddy's management tool. This allows my website to load using DNS to resolve my domain and I can use the free GoDaddy email forwarders/accounts and I no longer have a requirement to use the Google Cloud DNS.

  • Incredibly annoying that Google Cloud DNS doesn't offer what 99% of the competition does. I feel like I want compensation for time spent setting up DNS in their system. – user239558 Mar 13 '18 at 14:33

I figured it out! First, you need an MX record that looks like this:


0 smtp.securecerver.net.

10 mailstore1.secureserver.net.

That routes the mail traffic back to Godaddy. This is the missing piece believe it or not. You need to add this TXT record:


"v=spf1 mx include:secureserver.net -all" (quotes required)

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