I'm using haproxy in tcp mode. I have a single frontend that listens to several ports:

frontend front
   mode tcp
   bind *:20000
   bind *:20001
   default_backend back

And a single backend that forwards these requests without changing ports:

backend back
   server myserver server.host.com check port 20000
   server anotherServer another.host.com check port 20000
   server mybackup backup.host backup.host.com check port 20000 backup
   # some other useful backend logic, like logging
   # which I don't want to repeat a bunch of times

Because we are supporting some legacy APIs, we need to accept some old, lower level ports and remap them. For example, I want to accept port 200 and remap it to 20000, 201 to 20001, etc.

I was hoping for a frontend directive to change port like you might do for a header in http mode, but I can't find one. Will have have to abandon my nice clean single backend?


I would go about using 2 backends if I were you.

If you insist, you can use the use-server <server> if <condition> option and test dst_port.

Something like: use-server bla20001 if dst_port 201 or something like this.

  • I wish it were only two backends! There are probably up to 10 ports I will be listening to. Thankfully the haproxy configuration will be created dynamically based on the ports provided in the application configuration, but I was still hoping that the resulting configuration would stay slim. – pduncan Dec 14 '15 at 21:21
  • Did you try the use-server thing? – Florin Asăvoaie Dec 15 '15 at 21:56
  • Nah, I just ended up creating loads of front-ends. – pduncan Jan 4 '16 at 22:06

I believe there is no good way to do this. I ended up creating more frontends and backends.

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