i have two domain controller setup one on companyname.local and companyname.local as backup. i was task of rebuilding the backup and make it the main domain controller. i took the backup offline and rebuilt it should i change the name from companyname.local to ad.companyname.com. this is with server 2012 this is only hosting dns active directory no dhcp. small group 10 users.

also i was testing group policy add network drive. it works the user logins add drive b: but when the user log off and new user login with different drive f: it doest remove the other user drive b: show both drive. this test was done on the same computer with different user login.

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.local domain names are bad news. Many moons ago it was a best practice but it no longer is a good idea. I help run an Active directory infrastructure for a large corporation and we have a .local domain. It causes problems and is annoying but at the end of the day everything works.

Would I recommend trying to move everything to a new domain? No. Not unless you have a rationale as to why. You will have to create a new forest and basically rebuild the domain from scratch.

This article is useful for explaining the problem with local domains:


As to creating a shared drive I would recommend you create a batch file user logon script. The file would have a command like net use z: \server\share and you would get a consistent letter.


  • rebuilding because the main server got corrupted by a virus and can't add computer to domain. and has a lot little glitches. i might do the batch file because the GPO seems a little glitchy i'm running 2012 – doh Dec 15 '15 at 4:29
  • I'll second the batch file - logon scripts offer instant gratification. If you log on and have no drive, you know you did it wrong. Group policy requires patience, of which I have some, the higher-ups little, and the end users none. Best practices don't always give the best results in practice. – Neil Dec 15 '15 at 5:28

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