We have a public-facing web server (CentOS 6 w/ Apache) that will need to forward requests, both from public and a private interface, to a separate host that's running Gitlab. For security purposes, we were unable to stand up a new host that had a public. We've chosen a non-standard SSH port to be used as the forwarding port to send on to the Gitlab machine. The question is, how best should we implement this so that users doing a git push/pull etc. For reference, here's a diagram showing what we're after:

Network Diagram

We're trying to make this as user-friendly as possible so we were thinking perhaps some kind of port trigger mechanism for git requests to automatically forward through the PublicWebServer using port 2500 to the gitlab internal machine listening on the default 22. Internal users would use the same basic process. The PublicWebServer is dual-homed.

If not port trigger, does this concept at least seem sound? Could this be accomplished using iptables?

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