I have one server with nginx-frontend and apache-backend.

I need to set up nginx to return images from the other two servers like

http://example.com/images/*.jpg -> http://i1.example.com/images/*.jpg
http://example.com/images/*.jpg -> http://i2.example.com/images/*.jpg 

image folder is the same on both servers.

earlier I asked this question and get answer to put

upstream backend { 
    server i1.example.com;
    server i2.example.com;

location /images/ { proxy_pass http://backend/; #rest of config }

in my config. It work.

but I need some other solution, need to see i1.example.com and i2.example.com in headers,now I see only example.com header. Is it possible?
I would be grateful for any advice.

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