Is it possible to get APT to install different versions of a packages to different versioned directories?



And just create the following symlink to whichever I want to use at the moment?


In general packages have one version installed, unless the package maintainer did something clever. (They also cannot be relocated to a different path without rebuilding the package. RPM can sort of do a relocate but very few use it.)

Debian 8 has tomcat7 and tomcat8 as different package names. These should coexist by appending 7 or 8 to everything, but you do not specify the minor version.

If you require versions not provided by your distro, you could skip the package. Put what you require in /opt or somewhere. Note that then you take responsibility for updates (beyond just aptitude upgrade).

  • Thanks. Not the answer I wanted, but the answer I suspected... Too bad APT doesn't support this. – XDR Jan 2 '16 at 17:43

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