we have an ftp server with 50 users, they have a main folder(as below) and 5 sub folders. I am looking for a script that will clean the contents of the sub folders on a weekly basis. However not touch the archive folder in the sub folders and do this for all the 50 users.

C:\ftp\ftp-users jmartin -- jmartin-a1 jmartin-a2 jmartin-a3 jmartin-a4 jmartin-a5 archive


You requested Powershell so here you go. Just change the C:\Folder to wherever you need. This script will get a list of folders in the root, then a list of files/folders in those folders and delete them.

Get-ChildItem -path C:\Folder\ | ?{ $_.PSIsContainer } | Foreach-Object{
    $_ | Get-ChildItem -Recurse | Remove-Item

This can be expanded. Say I have the structure


I could use the following to delete anything in the Nick1, Nick2, Bob1, Bob2 folders (Including folders) but leave the preceding structure in place. If I wanted to remove the Bob1, Bob2, Nick1, and Nick2 folders I would use the first command (Above) that would leave only Nick and Bob folders in place.

Get-ChildItem -path C:\Folder\ | ?{ $_.PSIsContainer } | Foreach-Object{
    $_Get-ChildItem | ?{ $_.PSIsContainer } | Foreach-Object{
        $_ | Get-ChildItem -Recurse | Remove-Item

you could compress this down to a one liner

Get-ChildItem -path C:\Folder\ | ? { $_.PSIsContainer } | Get-ChildItem | ? { $_.PSIsContainer } | Get-ChildItem -Recurse | Remove-Item

Try this one:

For /R C:\ftp\ftp-users %G IN (.) do del "%G" /q

remember: when you want to use it in a batch put instead of one % two of them.

For /R C:\ftp\ftp-users %%G IN (.) do del "%%G" /q

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You can always try:

del /s /q C:\FTP\*.*

or delete all files in sub-dirs without Archive attribute:

del /s /q /a:-a C:\FTP\*.*

Here some info:

  /A            Selects files to delete based on attributes
  attributes    R  Read-only files            S  System files
                H  Hidden files               A  Files ready for archiving
                I  Not content indexed Files  L  Reparse Points
                -  Prefix meaning not

It will find and delete all files in sub-directories in C:\FTP\

Add this to windows scheduler as:


with params:

/c del /s /q C:\FTP\*.*

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