I am having the following issue:

Invalid resource type msql::db at /tmp/vagrant-puppet/manifests-a11d1078b1b1f2e3bdea27312f6ba513/db.pp:6

My manifest (db.pp) is:

include mysql::server

msql::db { "loja":
  schema   => "loja_schema",
  password => "lojasecret",

My defined type called mysql::db is in a module called mysql. This module has a manifest folder with init.pp:

class mysql { }

And a file called db.pp where the defined type is:

define mysql::db($schema, $user = $title, $password) {
  Class['mysql::server'] -> Mysql::db[$title]

  exec { "$title-schema":
    unless  => "mysql -uroot $schema",
    command => "mysqladmin -uroot create $schema",
    path  => "/usr/bin/",

  exec {"$title-user":
    unless  => "mysql -u$user -p$password $schema",
    command => "mysql -uroot -e \"GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON \
                                  $schema.* TO '$user'@'%' \
                                  IDENTIFIED BY '$password';\"",
    path    => "/usr/bin/",
    require => Exec["$title-schema"],

What it seems to be problem? Thanks.


You typed msql::db, that is probably a typo.

I think you probably meant mysql::db.

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