I have Tomcat7 running on RHEL6 with mutual authentication using x509 certificates for the entire container.

From the user point of view in the browser, everything seems to work fine with a cert challenge. This is on an intranet with a proxy.

My goal is have the user x509 cert dn written out to the AccessLogValve logs.

Following this post I have modified the AccessLogValve pattern (in server.xml) to include:


However what is written to the logs are strings like this:


My concern is that the cert-related headers are being dropped, so I have also enabled the RequestDumperFilter in web.xml to look for clues in the headers. In those logs I don't see anything cert-related other than possibly:

  • Have you figured out how to do this without creating a cutom valve? – WiteCastle May 23 '17 at 1:34

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