My Asus RT-AC87U router is running OpenWRT-Merlin. OpenWRT-Merlin allows you to set up an OpenVPN client and disable NAT so that you have to manually configure the routes for this VPN.

How do I do this using iptables or ip route add, or something else? I find these commands confusing.

I googled around about this but there's nothing that works in a trial-error-copy-paste way. Most of this talk is about removing the routes to the VPN to begin with, which is not necessary on OpenWRT-Merlin because you have the option to not set up NAT routing.

I have a VPN connection over the tun11 device. I can either forward local ip addresses to the VPN from within the firmware (WebUI), but it's all or nothing.

How do I make it so that for example, only traffic directed at port 80 goes over VPN, and the rest keeps going to my local ISP?

If I am correct, this would show a different ip when using http compared to https.

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