I've been tasked with migrating our VMs from our old Azure Account to our new one.

I knew nothing about anything when I started the process a few days ago. I decided the best thing to do was take it one step at a time. So I reassigned our subscription, moved the storage blobs, disassociated the Os's with the old disks and deleted all the VM's. I just created the new disks from the VHDs in the Blob.

The last step was to create an image from the disk so I could make the new VM's. Turns out, I should have run Sysprep. I didn't.

What. Do. I. Do. Questionmark.

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    Create a new VM with the VHD. Sysprep new VM. Deploy production VM's from Sysprepped VHD. Done. – joeqwerty Jan 11 '16 at 17:28
  • Waaayyyyy simpler than I thought it would be – Frostytheswimmer Jan 12 '16 at 10:55

You should just need to sysprep any machines you imaged with the un-sysprepped image. Make sure to take an image of one of these to use for a new standard image (This will need to be done after you sysprep and before you boot the system back into the OS for the OOBE or automated configuration.

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