I see lots of stuff in the news about Red Hat partnering with MS Azure, and articles seem to indicate you can fire up a Red Hat VM on Azure now. But when I go to create a new VM, I can't find Red Hat anywhere. What is the situation? How does one start a Red Hat VM in azure?

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As per the docs:


FAQ What solutions are available today? Today, customers can use Red Hat Cloud Access to bring their subscriptions to Azure and run Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Red Hat Enterprise Linux Atomic Host, Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Server, Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Web Server, Red Hat Gluster Storage, and OpenShift by Red Hat.

It's not just firing up a VM. You need a subscription from Red Hat Cloud Access:



at the moment you can go to VMDepot and fire up a trial but it's not live yet.. https://vmdepot.msopentech.com/List/Index?sort=Featured&search=redhat

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