An application checked the swap space during install and required it to be the same amount as ram. So i added a new disk (Server is a VM) and done the following:

swapoff /dev/mapper/ol-swap
vgcreate swap /dev/sdc
lvcreate --name swap -l 100%FREE swap
mkswap /dev/mapper/swap-swap
swapon /dev/mapper/swap-swap
lvremove /dev/ol/swap
lvextend -l +100%FREE /dev/ol/root

After that i changed the swap entry in fstab. I tought i was done, so i rebooted to check everything was fine. But the reboot fails with the error message

dracut-initqueue timeout - starting timout scripts
Warning: /dev/ol/swap does not exists

Any ideas where i have to delete the old swap locations?


Did you remember to also adjust /etc/fstab with the new info?

Delete or comment the old swap partition and add the new one.

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