I've installed a Debian (jessie) box with postfix and spamassassin. Configured and everything works fine.

Except receiving mails with DKIM signatur will produce a flag T_DKIM_INVALID even if the signature is valid. See log example below.

After that, opendkim will verify the signature and let it pass.

Jan 15 14:18:21 localhost spamd[30697]: spamd: connection from localhost []:51740 to port 783, fd 5
Jan 15 14:18:21 localhost spamd[30697]: spamd: processing message <id#[email protected]> for user
Jan 15 14:18:21 localhost spamd[30697]: spamd: clean message (-2.0/5.0) for user in 0.2 seconds, 2572 bytes.
Jan 15 14:18:21 localhost spamd[30697]: spamd: result: . -1 - BAYES_00,FREEMAIL_FROM,HTML_MESSAGE,RCVD_IN_MSPIKE_H3,RCVD_IN_MSPIKE_WL,SPF_PASS,T_DKIM_INVALID scantime=0.4,size=2553,required_score=5.0,rhost=localhost

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You could give this package a try instead: libmail-dkim-perl

One of the walk-throughs linked in the Spamassassin documentation points out a hint that I would recommend to follow:

"You should NEVER need to use CPAN on a RPM or DEB based Linux distribution."

  • apt-get install libmail-dkim-perl on debian/ubuntu solved the problem
    – rodvlopes
    Mar 2, 2021 at 14:09

This happend because of the missing perl module Mail::DKIM. Without that, every mail with dkim signature will fail the verification. Even those with correct signature.

You can find futher information about it here.

A simple fix is to install the missing module via cpan.

  • on Debian-alikes, better say apt-get install libmail-dkim-perl according to @derasteralex answer
    – Adrian W
    Nov 29, 2019 at 11:35

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