I am trying to get a AXIS M3007-P surveillance camera to work with Power over Ethernet.

Connected to a D-Link DGS-1210-10P PoE Switch the camera just works perfectly fine.

However, the D-Link Switch is not available where the camera is going to be mounted, so I tried several PoE-Injectors amongst them

  • ZyXEL PoE-12HP v2 PoE Injector
  • SonicWALL 01-SSC-5546 PoE Injector 802.3AF Gigabit N
  • LevelOne POI-3000 Gigabit High Power PoE Injector
  • DIGITUS DN-95102 PoE Injector 100 MBit/s IEEE 802.3af

and some cheaper no-name ones. It's always the same picture: The camera LEDs say there is power (obviously) but no ethernet connection.

The data cables going to any of the PoE-injectors ran through a small desktop-sized unmanaged Netgear Switch and then to the very same managed Switch the D-Link PoE Switch is connected/uplinked to.

I've tried the same as well as different cables just to make sure I don't have a faulty cable in my setup.

To be honest I've no idea, not even a clue, what is going on here?

Any suggestions, please?

Note: There is no crossover cable involved at all. However, the RJ45-jack at the cameras cable is wired in tia-568a mode and all the other cables are wired in tia-568b. As far as I know this should not be any problem, as long as the two standards are not mixed within the two ends of one cable?

  • I see you've tried multiple cables, but any chance this could be a straight vs crossover issue ? Some of those PoE injectors explicitely specify you should use a straight cable between them and the PoE device, even though the standard says that MDIX auto and crossover cables should be able to work as well. – Jeremy Gibbons Jan 15 '16 at 16:24

I finally found the problem - maybe this can help someone else in a similar situation. The AXIS camera model mentioned does not come with a PoE Port/Socket but a short Ethernet cable coming directly out of the casing. The problem was a loose connection within this "hardwired" part of the cable which i found out rather coincidentally when i bent the cable in a certain direction and the camera suddenly worked! Thanks everybody

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