I recently just bought a server a hp ml350 g5. And i uses a lot of power. So i was wondering is there anyway to schedule it turn it off and on via the ilo2. Thanks in advance

  • Do you really want it to fail earlier by stressing it at bootup and shutdown? It's a business decision. – Deer Hunter Jan 17 '16 at 18:52

Weird question. I'm assuming this is for a home setup... The ILO itself doesn't have a scheduler for this built-in. Most people who run servers tend to want them to stay on.

(the HP ProLiant ML350 G5 dates back to 2005-2008. It's very much end-of-life...)

You can:

  • Turn the server off via its operating system.
  • You have options to wake-on-lan with this equipment, but again, it seems silly since you could just remote into the system and power it on.
  • You can issue commands to the ILO to power-on and power-off, but if you go through that effort, you may as well just cleanly shut the server off via its OS.

What is the core issue you're trying to resolve?

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