I have an Asus router with Asuswrt-merlin firmware installed. I have the DHCP server on my router give out addresses in the 192.168.0/24 subnet. My OpenVPN server is configured as seen on this image. The VPN subnet / netmask is / The Push LAN to clients, and both the DNS settings are set as shown in the image. However I cannot connect to my local LAN when connected to the VPN server through TUN. When I switch to TAP I can make it work because then the VPN subnet / netmask is the same a my local LAN and the connected VPN clients get an IP address from the LAN DHCP pool, however I cannot connect my Android phone/iOS device to the VPN server because they don't support TAP, only TUN.

How can I access my local LAN through TUN?

  • are you running 380.65 output of logs in "system log" – Jacob Evans Feb 21 '17 at 3:13

Try these, with these you'll need a username/password accounts setup additionally.... if that doesn't work you'll need to post more details and your logs.

Whenever you make changes, always export and use the new config.


Hi all you need add route with metric

route add -p (router-local-ip) metric 1

*run cmd as administrator.

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