I'm trying to integrate GLPI with Active Directory. I'm using windows XAMPP V3.2.2 and GLPI 0.90.1. While setting up the LDAP Directory, I'm getting an error "Test failed: Main server ADSrv". What am I doing wrong?

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There isn't enough information to know the answer for sure. It could be a hundred different things, but I'll just take a stab and guess that your "RootDN" should be: cn=prahallad.kulkarni,ou=UserAccounts,dc=rezblr,dc=local

instead of


I highly doubt that your user account is not in a container or OU of any kind.

Reference: http://wiki.glpi-project.org/doku.php?id=en:ldap

  • That RootDN is definitely one issue, but as you alluded, probably not the only issue. – Joel Coel Jan 19 '16 at 15:31

instead of cn=prahallad.kulkarni,dc=rezblr,dc=local ,

try to replace it with :

Domaine/administrator ,

and fill the password with the Domain admin password account.

worked for me...

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