How can I use Ansible to execute tasks on lxc containers on a remote server?

We use Ansible to deploy our code on several servers (physical and virtual machines).

Until now, every instance had a public ip address and a running ssh server, so everything worked like a charm. But recently, we had to deploy on two lxc containers on a remote server.

The two containers are natted and don't run a ssh server (and we'd like to keep it that way). I can only connect to them using ssh to reach the physical host then lxc-attach'ing to them.

The only way I found is a custom plugin that was never updated for the latest Ansible 2.0 version. I also reached to the mailing list with no result so far.

Has anybody ever succeeded in using Ansible in such a configuration?


Try the ansible-lxc-ssh connection plugin from Pierre Chifflier, which works with Ansible 2.x. I put the plugin in the default location defined in ansible.cfg, /usr/share/ansible_plugins/connection_plugins/

In the inventory hosts file, /etc/ansible/hosts, I put the following

container_01 ansible_host=lxc_server ansible_connection=lxc_ssh ansible_ssh_extra_args=container_01

Note that you have to pass the container name as an ssh extra arg. Be sure to replace lxc_server with the name of your lxc host.


Well, since I couldn'n find a solution, I ended up running a ssh server on every lxc container.

Here's my .ssh/config sample:

Host main_server
    HostName server_address
    User root
    Port 2022
    ForwardAgent yes

Host lxc_container
    User root
    Port 22
    ProxyCommand ssh main_server nc lxc_container 22
    ForwardAgent yes

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