I have an HP Proliant DL380 Gen7. The server currently has no drives and is running on the integrated smart array controller. I was looking into replacing the controller with an LSI-9211-8i controller and adding some SATA III (6gbps) drives. I know the controller and the drives will work together but I am not sure if the backplane that the drives connect to will actually cause any kind of incompatibility.

The original spec with the server was SATA II (3gbps) / SAS 6G so thats my concern.

If there is an issue, is there anyway to resolve it?


On a DL180G6 / SE326M1 with 25x2.5" . I tried 4 raid controllers, all work fine but the backplane is limiting sata drives/ssd to sata II ...


I don't even understand the question here... but SATA disks in that server will downshift 3Gbps because of the controller. But it shouldn't matter unless you're using SATA SSDs.

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