I'd like to have access to the lines/tracebacks/whatever whispered by the kernel right before dying. This has proven problematic, because all interfaces I have access to become disabled. Post-reboot, systemd journal has not been able to record anything about the crash, probably because flushing buffers to filesystem is blocked.

Here's what I've tried and failed with

  1. console access - X application runs here for dayjob, but after system has crashed, no keyboard input is recognized, so I can't switch to vt

  2. netconsole sending data to nc listening on another machine - I expected this to work, but while everything else shows up, no crash-related kernel tracebacks get there, not even with dmesg -n 8

  3. ssh via network - impossible after the crash, because network gets blocked off, too

What other option do I have to capture 100% everything? Perhaps serial console? (what would be a suitable device) I think anything with USB is susceptible to also getting the subsystem blocked off.

Note: This box is local, sitting in my room, so all access and methods are available.

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