I want to check if a set of ports are opened or closed on some remote servers. I went through various discussions on the subject and most of the people suggested to use nmap, nc and telnet <server-ip-address> <port-no>. How can I differentiate these three cases:

  • The port is closed on firewall
  • The port is open but no service is listening on the port
  • The port is open and some service is also listening on it
  • If port is open on firewall and no service is listening on it, telnet will return "connection timeout". I don't know what makes you cosider this as "not useful" – user1700494 Jan 25 '16 at 10:34
  • If port is open on firewall and no service is listening on it, then telnet <ip address> <port-no> would return "connection refused". Yes, after reading the answer below and your comment, I tried it again and it's giving the results as expected. Thanks – user2436428 Jan 25 '16 at 14:13

well if you use telnet command to check the port connectivity, it will show

  • "connection timeout" if the port is blocked by the firewall
  • "Connection refused" if the service is down/not listening on specified port, but port is reachable.
  • "connected to server_ip" if connection is successful

Useful utilities :

  • 1.Telnet

  • 2.nc

  • 3.nmap

Scenario: For checking remote system tcp 80 port status

Usage :

telnet myserver.com 80 
nc -v myserver.com 80
nmap myserver.com 80 

Response Analysis :

if you get a time out or deny : the port is not open

suppose if you get "Connection refused" : then port is open but process is not listerning

If you get a connection successful : Port is open and process is listen


start/restart the listening process (if connection refused)

Ask network team to monitor the connection we can confirm whether it is blocked from intermediate network firewall or from server firewall/iptables

Note :

  • Suppose firewall configured to Reject packets instead of Drop then u will get "connection refused" error , so here in this case we can't ensure wheteher process is listern or not.

For checking udp port (like ntp) you can use below nc option

nc -uzv yourserver.com 123


Although telnet or netcat can be used to determine port reachability, nmap is the standard port scanning tool.

The nmap default option (TCP SYN scan) determines if a given port is filtered or not by a firewall.

nmap -sS <host> -p <port> 

If you want a reliable differentiation between the open, closed, and filtered states, use the -sY option (SCTP INIT scan)

nmap -sY <host> -p <port>

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