What are the hotkeys on a Belkin 2 port kvm switch?


From here :

You can switch directly to any port by entering the Switch port number you wish to use. For example, if you press “SCROLL LOCK”, “SCROLL LOCK”, “2”, the computer on port 2 will be selected.

AutoScan Mode In AutoScan mode, the Switch remains on one port for eight seconds before switching to the next. This time interval cannot be changed. To enable AutoScan mode, press “SCROLL LOCK”, “SCROLL LOCK”, “S”.

Note: There is no mouse or keyboard control in this mode by design, in order to prevent errors. If it were enabled, the user could move the mouse or use the keyboard while the KVM Switch is switching to the next port. This could interrupt communication between the computer and Switch that might cause erratic mouse movement, or result in errant display of characters when using the keyboard.

To disable AutoScan mode, press the space bar.


scrollx2 arrow key up or down

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