I have two HP 2530 switches in our hosting center. Because of some VPN problems between our office and the HC, i need to change their management IP Addresses to a different IP network.

Currently they have a 192/24 address configured in a tagged VLAN, the new network will be in the 10/16 range.

  • Can I assign an Address in the new network to the same tagged VLAN that already has a management IP?
  • If not, can I create a temporary VLAN and assign a second Mgmt IP to that, concurrent with the first?
  • The switches have Spanning Tree (specifically MSTP) configured, how will it likely react to having multiple IP adresses - if at all?

This is in productive use, so the switches must continue to pass traffic as normal, and they also need to be reachable during the whole operation. Anything I need to look out for to ensure that?

  • 1. The documentation for that model suggests that you can assign multiple ip addresses to a VLAN. 2. STP operates at Layer 2, it doesn't know ip addresses so I'd be hard pressed to see how your VLAN ip address assignment would have any effect on STP. – joeqwerty Jan 27 '16 at 12:34

Yes, you can assign multiple addresses to a management or VLAN interface. This is a handy feature for migration, or situations where you cannot modify client configuration.

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