i need to write a bash script that will go in the server to check the ip address of ipmi,

as i read that i can use

ipmitool lan print  

i can write it inside server to show the ip address.

but i need to do this command on my local host and i tried to execute this command:

ipmitool lan print -H *servername* -U admin -P password  

but i found this error

Unable to establish LAN session

what is wrong with my command?

Note: i can access to the server using ssh without problem, but ipmitool doesnt work with ssh in same command line


Firstly, your syntax is incorrect, since the right order should be:

ipmitool [options...] <command>

Moreover, in the parameter -H ipmi_hostname, the hostname here should be the domain name of IPMI interface IP address. It's quite odd to login via IPMI through its own IP to print out its IP(!), so I assume that you want to login via server's hostname. In this case, simply install ipmitool to server, then use SSH to run the command:

ssh hostname ipmitool lan print

If you still want to use ipmitool from another host to execute the IPMI command:

ipmitool -H ipmi_hostname -U ADMIN_USER -P password lan print

Hope this help.

  • Thank u for ur help my fel was i wrote in the begining: ssh hostname | ipmitool lan print so we dont need to write pipe. thanks again – Miron Jan 29 '16 at 10:25

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