I would like to install apt-dater-host on Debian and CentOS-based systems using puppet and foreman.

On Debian the package is available on the standard repos - but on CentOs this is not the case - I used RPM-search and got the following result.

How can I install the package using yum?


On CentOS, you'll need to find a yum repository that holds the package, and then add it to the system using the Puppet yumrepo resource.

class aptdater {

  if $::osfamily == 'RedHat' {

    # Only install the yum repo on RH-family systems
    yumrepo { 'blah':

    # Override the package to require the yum repo to be deployed first
    Package['apt-dater-host'] {
      require => Yumrepo['blah'],

  package { 'apt-dater-host':
    ensure => present,

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