I've set up a MYSQL RDS on AWS, in a private VPC behind a NAT.

With Workbench, I can connect successfully from a remote client into the RDS no problems - so all of the RDS, the NAT and the security groups, etc are all set up correctly.

I've tried a variety of SSH tunnelling examples that I've found, to connect without using Workbench - but nothing is working.

So given that I ssh into the NAT with ssh -i nat.pem ec2-user@nat.ip and the RDS is behind that at rds.endpoint.aws.com - how do I set up an SSH tunnel so that I can just mysql -h into the RDS endpoint through the NAT?


I'm sure I tried this earlier, but I must've typo'ed something, as it's now working.

Posting the answer just in case anyone else gets confused by this.

Set up an ssh tunnel on the remote client with:

ssh -i nat.pem -f -N -L 3305:rds.endpoint.aws.com:3306 ec2-user@nat.ip

then just

mysql -h -P 3305 -u user -p

  • Going to make the assumption that when you refer to your NAT, you mean a NAT instance with a publicly accessible IP address, not a NAT gateway. Just to help others that confuse the two, as I did when I first started working with AWS VPCs. – Mike Clymer Jun 3 '17 at 18:40

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