I'm trying to restrict access to a specific URL. It should not allowed to access /admin.php.

frontend example
  acl restricted_page path_beg -i /admin\.php
  http-request deny if restricted_page

This works fine, HAProxy is blocking access to this URL. But when I enter http://example.org/ad%6Din.php (%6D = hexcode for "m"), HAProxy is not restricting access.

What is the best way to do this?

  • Is there a option in HAProxy or do I need to specify a regluar expression matching "admin.php" as plaintext and/or url-encoded?
  • Are there any other ways to bypass the restriction?



As it happens, HAProxy has a converter to decode the field, making sure that your ACL will always match a given string.

Takes an url-encoded string provided as input and returns the decoded version as output. The input and the output are of type string.

You'd use it like this.

frontend example
  acl restricted_page path_beg,url_dec -i /admin.php
  http-request deny if restricted_page

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