I'm running mon as a secondary monitoring system. It's clean and simple --an excellent backup monitoring system. It has some built-in monitors but not one for https.

Is there a way to quickly and easily monitor internal https services?

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I found a community contributed https monitor for the mon service. It's available individually or in the mon-contrib package. Follow this link for the https.service readme. I installed like so:

sudo apt-get mon-contrib

The monitor is called from the mon config file:


I call the monitor with all three supported options port, timeout and url

watch my_hostgroup
        service https
                description my service
                interval 2m
                monitor https.monitor -p 10443 -t 60 -u /api/heartbeat
                        numalerts 2
                        alertafter 1m
                        alert mail.alert [email protected]

You can test it at the command line with:

/usr/lib/mon/mon.d/https.monitor -v -p 10443 -t 60 -u /api/heartbeat hostname.domain.name

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