I need to be able to check out files with a lock from windows and linux simultaneously. The only solution I found is using "server workspace". But, the command line for creating workspaces doesn't have a "location" option:

tf workspace -new -login:username,password -server:https://me.visualstudio.com/DefaultCollection linux-machine

Any ideas what can I do? Are you aware of any way to create a server workspace from a linux?



Try creating the server workspace on Windows, then use the /template option on Linux to setup the same configuration.


Appears there is a simpler way to do it the using a -template.

There is an undocumented parameter -location:server that allows configuring the workspace on the server (without any previous effort).

The command looks like:

tf workspace -new -login:username,password -server:https://me.visualstudio.com/DefaultCollection -location:server linux-machine

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