I'm trying to read the output of the last command in Nxlog. I would like to run last on the utmp file on regular intervals. In other words I want to schedule a shell command to run with a time interval and pipe the output as a log event. In yet other words I would like to have <Schedule> clauses in a im_exec module but it seems that this is not possible so I'm trying something else (the example is for linux):

<Input sample_umtp_linux>
  Module im_null
    Every   1 sec
    Exec exec("/usr/bin/last", "-f", "/var/run/utmp");

<Output out_debug>
    Module    om_file
    File      '<mydir>/debug.log'

<Route processwtmp>
    Path      sample_umtp_linux => out_debug

I don't get any error messages, but I don't get any output either. Is there some way to catch the output and feed it into the Nxlog routing?

(Additional limitation: I'm going to deploy the solution to Hp Ux, so my options are a bit limited in terms of available system tools. I'd like to depend as little as possible on things outside Nxlog itself.)


I found a working solution for Linux that should've been rather obvious:

<Input sample_umtp_linux>
  Module im_exec
  Command <my_script_dir>/run_last_forever.sh

And with a script, run_last_forever.sh, like this:

while true
    /usr/bin/last -f /var/run/utmp
    sleep 1

However, it seems that Nxlog might not be buildable for HP-UX after all. But that's a separate issue.

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