What is the best way to implement a wildcard vhost using Apache in Debian so any folder I put in the /var/www/ folder will work like such

/var/www/abc will automatically point to abc.local

/var/www/wp will automatically point to wp.local

/var/www/test will automatically point to test.local

I think the only thing I would have to do is manually edit the /etc/hosts file?

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In general, in Apache your first host is the one that will get displayed as default if no ServerName or ServerAlias.

May distros include a 000-default.conf that becomes the default vhost.

Now, for your particular needs, Looks like you're setting up a dev environment. You can use DNSMasq and apache to automagically resolve .local to localhost and tell apache to look for it under a particular directory:

wp.local -> /var/www/wp
something.local -> /var/www/something

In dnsmasq.conf:

# catch .local

In apache:

<Directory "/var/www/">
  AllowOverride All
  Options Indexes MultiViews FollowSymLinks
  Require all granted

<VirtualHost *:80>
  ServerName localhost.local
  ServerAlias *.local
  UseCanonicalName off
  VirtualDocumentRoot /var/www/%1/

See this post for further reference. He's using OS X but should work for any *nix distribution.

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