I tried to put a limit of sending messages, based on users who are placed in a text file, using the following ACL:

deny authenticated = *
     message = Lo sentimos, ha agotado el número permitido de envíos diarios
     set acl_c_msg_limit=${lookup{$sender_address}nwildlsearch{/etc/exim/send_limits}{yes}}
     ratelimit = 100 / 1h / strict / $authenticated_id 

But this does not work for me, only the overall limit for all users if it works properly, and can not find where the variable: $authenticated_id is initialized Any help is welcome thanks

  • I nwhich ACL did you try this? Use in acl_smtp_rcpt for example (or anywhere authenticated_id is already defined).
    – grin
    Feb 14, 2019 at 13:05


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