So, I already have DHCP server in my local network. But I want to setup new VMs with network boot (PXE). I've setup dnsmasq in proxyDHCP mode to provide PXE info to booting clients while using other DHCP Server for providing IP/MASK.
Problem: I was able to setup PXE legacy boot and it works fine, but not EFI boot. It says "PXE-E18 Server response timeout". Tried that on Hyper-V VM Gen2 and physically connected PC. I see in logs that dnsmaq receives request, but nothing happens...

So the question is: is this a dnsmasq issue or what? if it is, then could you please advise some alternatives to this?

My config if it help:




pxe-prompt="Press F8 for boot menu", 1
pxe-service=X86PC, "Boot Legacy PXE", pxelinux



Feb 19 16:17:56 dnsmasq-dhcp[16026]: 2483890568 vendor class: PXEClient:Arch:00007:????:??????
Feb 19 16:17:56 dnsmasq-dhcp[16026]: 2483890568 PXE(eth0) 00:15:5d:21:94:0a proxy
Feb 19 16:17:56 dnsmasq-dhcp[16026]: 2483890568 tags: UEFI, eth0
Feb 19 16:17:56 dnsmasq-dhcp[16026]: 2483890568 bootfile name: uefi/bootx64.efi

So client arch is 7

All files is in place.

Thanks in advance.


Please check DHCP Option 93 at RFC 4578

        Type   Architecture Name
        ----   -----------------
          0    Intel x86PC
          1    NEC/PC98
          2    EFI Itanium
          3    DEC Alpha
          4    Arc x86
          5    Intel Lean Client
          6    EFI IA32                             < x86
          7    EFI BC                               < x86_64
          8    EFI Xscale
          9    EFI x86-64                           < x86_64

you forgot to consider the type 9 at your dnsmasq config. If your x86_64 client announces type 9 within its DHCP option 93 the request will be ignored by the proxyDHCP.

To see what's really going on just run Wireshark capture.

Please see I have edited your question; a proxyDHCP provides only PXE info only to PXE clients.


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